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GTC for Use of Our API-Interface



You’re a developer– regardless of whether your are a professional or a programming hobbyist– and you want to advance the development of KWICK! and program your own Apps in order to then present them to more than a million members? Then you’re in the right place. We’re thrilled that you want to participate and don’t want to keep you long. However, there are a couple of rules you have to observe. By using our API-interface, you consent to the following provisions. You have read, understood and accepted them.


You are solely responsible for the Apps that you program, not us. We do our best to protect all contents, data and code. You should do the same. Your Apps must conform to our GTC , as well as our Data Privacy Provisions and our GTC employing advertising . By using this API, you simultaneously confirm that your are properly registered member on our pages.


Logically, you will receive data from KWICK! for your Apps, or data will be transferred to you. Otherwise your Apps would not work. Data privacy is very important to us. You should also consider it very important , for which reason we restrict use as follows:

  • You may only request such data as you actually need in order for your Apps to function. To show profile pictures on external pages, you need the consent of the individual person.
  • You will state as clearly as possible and in the form of a data confidentiality statement, which data you use, which data are transferred to you and to whom you will communicate the data. Sharing data with third parties is prohibited.
  • Any other use of the data except in connection with KWICK! is prohibited. We will legally prosecute any abuse of data. In the event of above, you declare here now that, on request, you will submit a corresponding declaration to cease and desist immediately and will take your Apps offline irrevocably. We reserve for ourselves in any case the right to block specific, some or all data for you, wholly or in part.
  • If a member specially protected his/her data, e.g. through special privacy settings, you will respect this.
  • You are obligated to always use current data for your Apps. .
  • You will not send any data to KWICK! for which you have not obtained permission.
  • Confidential data, especially user names or passwords that are sent over the API-interface, must be securely transferred.


  • It is strictly prohibited to embed unconfirmed advertising for third parties on KWICK! profiles, in newsfeeds or elsewhere on KWICK! pages. This also applies to internet search systems.
  • Advertising is allowed inside your App (your own and third party advertisement, in-App-payment, etc). However, you must make sure that you operate commercially from that point forward. You will then need a permit, if you want to link the brand “KWICK!” in your material as an example.
  • On condition of using pseudonyms, you will allow us to analyse your Apps with respect to use patterns of advertising. .

The Brand KWICK!

  • You may use Logos which we make available to developers.
  • You may not simply copy logos yourself or create an use your own KWICK! logos.
  • You may report about your Apps publicly and also assume responsibility for them. You may only include KWICK! in your communication to the extent that you follow our guidelines.
  • At no time may you represent yourself as an employee or official team member, etc. of KWICK!.
  • We may include your Apps in our internal and external communication completely and at any time.
  • You must state clearly that your App is not an application developed by KWICK! itself, and that you operate it (keyword: Imprint, opens another page, etc.)
  • You may not use the brand "KWICK!" for commercial purposes– especially not in business transactions.
  • If you give your App a name, you may feel free to integrate „KWICK!“ as a word. This however only as long as you are not thereby engaging in a business transaction, speaking solely as a private individual and as long as you observe all provisions of the law.
  • You will always capitalise "KWICK!" and include a "!" after it. You will omit hyphenated words. Examples: KWICK! Box, KWICK! Feed etc... This applies to all documentation, which includes the name for your App, etc. For the actual programming, the rules of the particular programming language apply.
  • Should you use KWICK! in commercial transactions, this constitutes brand infringement that we will prosecute. If you would like to use KWICK! for such purposes, then contact use beforehand in a timely fashion Kontakt and we will approve it for you.
  • External pages may not copy the KWICK! page nor may they resemble it too closely.
  • Please bear in mind: "KWICK!" is now a very well-known and valuable brand. From a legal viewpoint, it is protected, both as a German word brand and as a European brand, registered in each case with the specific patent offices.

Rights and Other

  • Members must be able to separate their profiles from your App at any time and without difficulty.
  • Should a member leave our site for your App, you will install on your page a clearly visible imprint that makes it easy for the member to contact you.
  • All rights that we grant you are only in connection with the use of your App and our API-interface.
  • It goes without saying that all of our codes are under protection and may not be sold to others. Likewise you are not entitled to issue sub-licences for this purpose, neither with respect to our code nor our ==API-interface. ==
  • No employment relationship exists between us and you.
  • You will heed all laws in their full scope in creating and operating your App.
  • We require all rights from you, so that your App will run free of difficulties. You issue this to us in the moment that your App goes into operation. We receive from you indefinite use rights to your App that are not geographically restricted.
  • We reserve the right to check your App for errors [bugs] at any time.
  • Likewise we are of course entitled at any time, to program similar Apps ourselves, including those that could compete with your App.
  • The API-interface may not be used to demonstrate comparisons between interfaces operated by KWICK! and other rivals/competitors or to advertise any materials or services from other rivals/competitors.

Tested Apps

Expanded guidelines apply to tested applications. Tested Apps can use the API-interface in its full scope.

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